Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Winston Peters contract

On Monday, iPredict launched a new Winston Peters contract. The contract is binary and closes at $1 if Mr Peters resigns or is sacked from his position as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Possibly relevant is that there is only one confidence vote remaining before the election. The Appropriation (2008/09 Estimates) Bill has its third reading this week. After that, the Government no longer requires NZ First's support, possibly clearing the way for decisive action.

The PETERS.RESIGN stock opened at $0.5000, was up initially, and is currently trading down at $0.4833.

Tip: if you think the stock is underpriced, buy it. However, if you think it is overpriced, then sell, even if you don't own any. This is called short selling, its as easy as buying stock, and you make money the lower the stock price goes.