Friday, November 7, 2008

New Charts On iPredict

iPredict has new charts on stock pages.

I love them.

But what do you think? Feedback, good or bad, is most welcome. We weill keep developing them over the coming weeks.

If you find any problems with them please report to us asap letting us know your browser via our contact page.

Update: IE7 users cannot see the charts and receive a message "Error retrieving XML data". We are working to resolve this. If it cannot be resolved before this evening we will roll back.

Update: Fixed - IE6 & 7 users should be able to see the dynamic charts now.


JC said...

be nice if the graphs were expandable below each respective stock you own on the portfolio page.

btw - when i enter ipredict, click on my portfolio, enter my password etc, it returns me to the front page instead of loading me through to my portfolio. minor bug i guess.

Crampton said...

Graphs look great; own orders now highlighting in dark gray rather than green. They take a bit of time to load though.

Anonymous said...

Charts don't work for me. I get "Error retrieving XML data". Running IE7.

PhiRatE said...

Cute. Question, in the API that it uses, what param do I use to set the start and end dates and what is the format? I managed to figure out the tradehist query and generate:

but I can't figure out how to expand the date range beyond the default to get more time.

PhiRatE said...

Ah never mind, I figured it out.

yay for data!

Anonymous said...

i could not see the charts with IE6 either...i updated to IE7 but this problem was not resolved.

jak said...

Charts are awesome!
If you can't see them all the more reason to upgrade by downloading firefox 3.

Anonymous said...

charts all good for me now...and great!