Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Features Launched

A big update to the site this week which saw had tons going on under the bonnet and some much-requested new features:

Remember me: checking this box when you next sign in means iPredict will remember you on this machine for two weeks. iPredict will un-remember you on a machine if you sign out and on all machines if you reset your password. If you don't click remember me, you'll be logged out after four hours of inactivity.

Edit active orders: from your my Portfolio page, you can now edit your active orders rather than cancel and re-set.

Active trader count: a live count of all users who have been active within the last 30 minutes.

iPredict API: iPredict's new API lets applications talk to iPredict without visiting the site. Join our API development community where you can learn about the iPredict API and contribute directly to its development.

New Resources page: this is an updated Web Tools page. You can now embed zoom-able flash charts as well as the traditional jpg-based charts, and there is a link to our API development community.

My Portfolio menu widget: This is a menu item which shows your portfolio value and cash balance, and when you hover over it expands to show the stocks in your portfolio. Clicking on this locks it open.

Our focus now is on getting some new stocks launched. Thanks for all the recent new stock ideas, keep them coming, we'll be using the holiday break to write contracts for launch in the new year.

We will be open for trading throughout the holiday period. Please report any issues via our Contact Us page. The next funds withdrawal run will occur on Tuesday 30 December and then Monday 5 January.

Have a great break.


Carl said...

Hi there, where can I find the API development community?

Matt Burgess said...


KingKarl said...

thanks for the updates Matt. Happy holidays

Giro said...

Stock suggestion: prediction of oil prices per barrel, and pump prices.

Also, more bundled stocks! Eg Australian OCR drop bundle.

MrPotatoHead said...

here here !
Aus OCR, and maybe even UK/US OCR rates... should be interesting to see what happens in their markets as well compared to ours.

jmvm said...

Is there an http version of the API? I'm having issues reading xml in https.