Wednesday, January 28, 2009

14 New Stocks - Interest, Anyone?

14 news stocks are now underway, all relating to interest rates and what they'll be doing over the next six months.

For the first time, iPredict is pointing at Australia and asking you to consider what the Reserve Bank of Australia will do with its cash rate when the RBA board next meets on 3 February, next Tuesday. Yes, a short sharp set of stocks this one, but we expect some healthy trading.

In another first, iPredict is also asking you to forecast retail mortgage rates for home owners by the middle of this year. How low will variable rate mortgages be in June? Below 7%? Below 6% below 5.5%? This should be a stock of interest to home owners considering whether to break their agreements with their banks and moving to a lower interest rate.

Finally, we launch another set of OCR stocks, this time for the RBNZ's 12 March annoucement. Of course, we'll be keeping an eye on these stocks as tomorrow's OCR news comes through.

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